MoloLinks #1

We’re starting a new blog section, where we’re going to periodically share some web links that somehow grabbed our atention.

That’s it for the presentation, now let’s go to the links!

A super cute web, full of effects and animations performed in an excellent way. An example of good design.


The best videos for developers, in one place.

Fixed Async Manifesto

An interesting proposal to modernize and complete the Agile Manifesto, proposing excellent ideas for improving workflow.

A super interesting collection of cheatsheets, created by Rico Sta. Cruz.


Nice utility to record the output by console, great to build tutorials, presentations or guides.

Spotify Engineering Culture Part 1 & Part 2

Interesting videos (and presented in an extremely creative way) showing the internal organization that is used in Spotify for the management of the different development teams.

Running effective meetings: a guide for humans

An important article to plan and execute in a better way the dreaded meetings. Super recommended reading.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code

A list with 12 questions to ask about the quality of development of a software project.